Changing your attitude for entrepreneurial success

Attitude is one of the biggest foundations for success. Without a good attitude, business owners can get stuck in negative thought patterns, delay or forgo important business tasks/projects, and essentially, lose their business’ competitive advantage.

Fortunately, attitude is not a fixed personality trait – there are many ways to improve upon and develop a better attitude, resulting in more resilience and ultimately success. Consider the following tips to improve your attitude:

Use failure as motivation
The way you view failure says a lot about your attitude. If you are quick to give up, focus on the negatives and become irritated when you fail, you will miss out on all the lessons failure can teach. Failure, for the most part, is a learning tool – use it as a source of motivation to strive to do better and keep working hard. It is important to analyse your wrongdoings then plan to move forward or change direction.

Positive reinforcement
Positive reinforcement is essentially rewarding favourable behaviours. Although positive reinforcement most commonly comes in external forms, such as a bonus, results on a project or a compliment from a colleague or supplier, it can be done internally. This is known as intrinsic reinforcement. Intrinsic reinforcement might come through positive affirmations, practising gratitude, rewarding yourself for reaching steps towards your goals and adopting mindfulness techniques.

Visualise success
Visualisation is a mental technique to help you reach your goals. Competitive athletes are among the many successful people who utilise the power of visualisation to improve their performance. By visualising a certain situation, outcome or event you can transform your mind to focus on the positives and accomplish your goals with ease. The key is repetition – performing visualisation one-off won’t get you results but incorporating it into a daily or weekly practice is beneficial.

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