Improving your landing page conversion rates

Landing pages are different from general websites. They are single pages designed for single objectives, and are used to prompt a certain action or result. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ solution when creating a landing page that will produce a high rate of conversions for a business.

Creating a competitive landing page depends on a variety of factors, such as the business’s target audience, the page’s purpose and the product a business is promoting. But regardless of these factors, there are landing page elements that need to be included no matter the business’s product, service or conversion rate goal. Below are several tips that businesses can easily use to help improve their landing page conversions.

Be consistent
Businesses should aim for consistency in the information they provide and the design of user experience on the landing page. Any data a business provides for the public, such as testimonials from ‘happy customers’ should be consistent across a business’s websites and landing pages. Users should feel comfortable exploring the landing page content in a manner that leads them to where the business wants them to go.

Stay focused
Businesses need to be clear about the goals of the landing page. Too much information can be distracting and may cause confusion for online users. Businesses should limit their landing page offers and promotions to only a couple of lines.

Use the right language
Language can have a huge impact on a business’s landing page conversion rates. Language that is too pushy or gimmicky can ruin the entire experience. Businesses should use phrases that are straight to the point and encourage customers to move in a certain way.

Include directional cues
Some businesses can lose potential customers due to them getting lost in the information provided. Avoid this by directing customers to where you want them to go using directional cues. Using arrows or reminders can direct customers to the information you want them to see.

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