Is your business website user friendly?

Websites no longer provide information but are now an integral part of the customer experience. A business’ website is not an accessory to the service they provide but the functional facilitator of that service. This is why it is vital that your business’ website provides a user-friendly experience, to heighten the conversion rate of potential customers to paying customers. Aspects of web-design to keep in mind are listed below.

Make it mobile friendly
It is essential that your customer can reach and navigate your website regardless of if they are using a laptop, tablet or phone. Ensure that you’re page includes the mobile-friendly user function as that is what most people use when surfing the web on the go.

Keep it simple
Engaging web-design is kept simple to keep it intuitive and prevent the client from feeling overwhelmed. Having all the information on one page rather than having constant page changes ensures ease of navigation and finding information.

Make your website fast
Clients will disengage if your site is slow as it is an indicator of incompetence and an inability to innovate. Tips to ensure this include:

  • Upgraded web hosting which grants greater bandwidth
  • Compressed code lessens traffic and boosts the website’s speed
  • Using a CDN tool shares your data to different international servers to increase site speed and reduce bandwidth if your website is international.

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