Are you ignoring your biggest selling point?

Many businesses often neglect the strongest and most critical feature of their website: the About Us page.

Also referred to as History, What We Do and Who We Are, this part of a website is often the biggest selling point for a business, as it’s among the first three pages online viewers will visit to learn more about your firm and the services you offer.

The main purpose of the About Us section of a website is to give potential clients a glimpse into the unique identity of a business.

It should be informative and possibly contain social proof, like testimonials or personal information, that clients can relate to. But try to refrain from being too cute. This section is about the company and services, not about how you enjoy spending time outside of work.

Remember, if viewers aren’t impressed with what they see, it’s a guarantee they will leave your site without reading any of your content, making a purchase, or signing up to your e-newsletter.

So take some time to review your About Us section, to make sure your website is reaching your maximum reach and potential.

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