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AUSSIELENT – A Client Success Story

Founded by Paul Carpenter and Kieran Grogan Carpenter in 2014, Aussielent has been a client of Collins & Co since 2015. We have been proud to work with them and help them build their successful online supplement business and to watch them grow. Not only are they our client, they are also one of our Instagram followers! – Go ahead and follow them on @aussielent.

Founder Paul Carpenter has this to say:

If you’ve ever thought ‘there must be an easier way to give my body what it needs without hours of shopping, prepping and cooking’– well, you were right! Aussielent, manufacture and sell nutritionally complete foods.

About our products:
Our mission is to offer smart and affordable nutrition to all Australians. Aussielent is the product of this mission to bring a nutrient rich, hassle free food to the time-poor. Using the Australian Food Standards as our guide we’ve packed the nutrition of a supermeal into one easy to prep drink. Every meal contains at least 25g of protein, 25% RDI of 26 vitamins and minerals,  fats, carbohydrates, omegas 3 and 6, and plenty of fibre.
We think it’s crucial for a sustainable future to minimise waste and find the most mindful and efficient way of doing things. We created Aussielent because we believe that eating well shouldn’t be hard, or hurt your hip pocket.

About us:
We started Aussielent in 2014, mostly as a means of making food for ourselves! A lot of people starting asking if they could buy some and we began to think that maybe there was a small business in it. I was also interviewed around this time for an SBS documentary on complete foods, and through that I was also interviewed on After the article came out we were flooded with enquiries and we started to get the feeling that the market for this product could be bigger than we’d anticipated. Originally, we were making and packing all our products ourselves but it was clear after only a couple of weeks that there was no way we could keep up. We engaged a manufacturer and began working with a food scientist to hone and improve our products, and it all grew from there.

Some of our highlights:
We had the chance to be interviewed and profiled by a number of magazines and websites – including the Age, SBS, Lifehacker,, JJJ and Seven’s Sunrise, which really propelled us forward and introduced our products to a wider audience. Setting up and engaging manufacturing contracts was a huge step forward for us too, and enabled us to expand the business. This year we have invested in our branding, and have just launched new packaging and a new website which we are very proud of

You can contact us at or visit our website at

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