Building your customer email list

Getting a customer’s email is vital in getting the most out of your direct mail marketing campaigns and redirecting your customers to new deals. The boost in profits your email marketing campaigns can bring, rely on your customer email list.

Here are some tips to build your email list both online and in real life.

Ask for email at checkout
Whether your checkout is in real life or online, make sure there is an offer to receive email marketing campaigns and more about your profits at the conclusion of your sale. If you frame your offer in hearing more about special offers and sales this creates a greater incentive for the customer.

Make an offer
Offer a discount in return for a subscription to your email list. This will boost your subscriptions in a short period of time. You might also decide to hold the email address and account give points for purchasing that may eventually mount to build a sizeable discount or give them a ten per cent discount every time they use their account.

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