Colour psychology in web design

It is no secret that the colour palette you use to design your website will influence what visitors to the site will think of your business. However, colours do more than this, they can also significantly affect the buying actions your customers will take when perusing your website.

Studies have shown that certain colours will prompt a particular emotion in most people.

Colours known to evoke specific emotions include:
– Orange: encourages immediate action
– Blue: builds trust and security
– Red: increases energy and a sense of urgency
– Green: promotes growth and relaxation
– Yellow: gets attention and creates low-level anxiety

Business owners can effectively design their website to encourage customers to take particular actions.

However, this is not a clear-cut method, and before using an array of different colours on your website, it is important to choose a colour spectrum that primarily fits with your target market and the branding image of your business.

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