Dealing with a grieving employee

Grief is an inevitable part of life, and it is something you will encounter in your workplace. There are several strategies you can use to assist your employee when they are dealing with a loss in their life, which will benefit them and make sure your business stays on the right track.

Have a one-on-one
Calling your employee in for a chat will allow you to express your condolences and show your empathy in a private, safe space. You should inquire and listen to how your staff-member is doing, and you may ask what support they may need and what might be the best plan moving forward. This conversation will also give you a chance to assess how affected they have been by the loss and recommend any counselling services that your workplace might offer.

Offer time off
Your employee may need a break to get their affairs together, arrange funerals and process their emotions. Taking this step in advance will allow you to plan for their replacement rather than it being sprung on your later on if your team member is not coping.

Adjust their workload
For a period your employee may want to avoid speaking to customers and clients if they feel keeping composed will place too high of a strain on them. Relax their workload if you can and invite employees to take on extra to assist your team member in their time of need. Express the importance of teamwork when you explain this plan to staff to avoid resentment or any miscommunication about staff expectations.

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