Facebook marketing in 2018

Most businesses know the power of Facebook marketing. Facebook has the ability to reach current and potential customers, generate higher levels of brand awareness and engage customers regularly.

However, due to Facebook’s popularity, it is highly competitive for businesses using the social platform. This requires businesses to spend more time on perfecting their strategy for Facebook.

Here are three ways to spruce up your Facebook marketing efforts this year:

Aim for a faster response time
Staying competitive is important in the digital atmosphere. Customers may choose to interact with your business via Facebook to ask questions, provide feedback or chime into a discussion, so use this interaction as a way to deepen your relationship with them. Responding in a fairly prompt manner shows you value the customer’s time and are committed to providing excellent customer service.

Find the perfect time/amount to post
The ideal time and amount of content to post on Facebook is highly dependent on your type of business, industry, target audience and your goals. Experiment with different posting times and varying content to identify what times and content generate the most engagement. Focus on posting quality content rather than spamming your audience with a lot of irrelevant or boring content.

Optimise your images
Images help to boost your business’ reputation, so getting them right is important in making a good impression. Ensure your profile picture and cover photo is high quality, the right size and optimised for mobile. Consider using a video instead of a cover photo to grab attention; the video will autoplay without sound when someone visits your Facebook page.

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