How do successful entrepreneurs stay organised?

The life of an entrepreneur can be chaotic. There are endless tasks to complete and not enough time in the day to address them. Emails pop up; there are meetings to attend and a million other jobs that require your attention.

Building an effective routine is the key to staying on top of tasks and moving your business forward. Remember, a routine that works should be one that provides the best way to increase your productivity in less time.

Consider these three tips:

1. Multitasking gets you nowhere
Multitasking seems like a solution to completing your tasks in less time. But studies show that most individuals cannot multitask effectively and instead show signs of lower levels of productivity and efficiency.

Address your tasks effectively by focusing on one at a time.

Write down a list of tasks to be completed for the day and work from most important to least. A list makes you more aware of what needs to be completed before you leave the office each day.

2. ‘Batching’ your tasks
Make your work life simpler by task ‘batching’. It may sound like multitasking, but ‘batching’ refers to grouping similar tasks together and completing them one after the other.

While multitaskers try to move between three unrelated tasks, a business owner who employs task batching can work systemically on one type of task after the other. This way your mind can remain methodical and focused so that you can move through each task at a faster pace.

3. Delegation works best
You can not finish everything by yourself, so why not delegate tasks to your employees? When done properly, delegation can improve the productivity of your business.

Remember, an entrepreneurial business owner has no freedom to develop ways to expand their business if they are stuck completing the operational duties.

Effective routines help us accomplish more, in less time. They are key to helping an entrepreneur stay organised.

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