Landing your first customers

You have launched your very own startup, your product or service is ready, but you are stuck on how to land your first customer?

Consider these handy tips to get the ball rolling!

It’s all about networking
Attending industry functions and other networking events is a great way to get your business’ name out there and socialise with potential customers. It is also a chance to converse with your competition and gain insight into what might be working or not working for them.

Get busy on social media
Establishing an online presence will help you reach more customers. It is important to choose the platforms your target market visit more frequently, i.e., do they prefer Facebook or Instagram?

Releasing regular and quality online content related to your industry will also help to establish your business as a trusted name for your target market, growing your branding image.

Take advantage of online forums
A great way to build your customer base is by joining industry forums. These sites will generally have customers requesting freelance work to be completed by a professional in your field.

Offer your product for free
Get people to try out your product by offering it for free or by giving away samples. However, do not go overboard and ensure you budget for this additional expense.

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