Onboarding tips

A solid onboarding process not only gives a great first impression for new hires but it can also help to keep them for longer.

Here are three tips for a smooth onboarding process:

Prepare for their first day
A little preparation can go a long way in making a new hire feel welcomed and settled on their first day. Presenting the new hire with an organised workspace and an orientation package helps them to settle in comfortably without feeling overwhelmed. Consider allocating them with a mentor they can turn to for all of their questions and concerns.

Make them feel welcome
Nerves are high on their first day, so do all you can to prepare for a smooth transition. The employee should get a tour of the business and be introduced to their colleagues on their first day. It is important to give them all of their paperwork to fill out and provide all the necessary passwords, keys, equipment, etc., required. Consider taking them out to lunch to give them a rundown of their job and the overall business.

Training and development
In the first few weeks, an employee is still learning and training for the role so it’s essential to provide them with the utmost support. Check in with them frequently to see how they are progressing and if they require any further assistance. At the end of their probation, schedule a meeting to review their performance, discuss career development and get their feedback.

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