Preventing workplace fatigue

Workplace fatigue damages morale, increases errors made by staff and can lead to an overall decline in the quality of your business.

Steps you can take to prevent and reduce workplace fatigue are provided below.

Educate your workers
Your employees should be informed about the symptoms of fatigue and the lifestyle choices they can take to eliminate or deal with these issues. Opening a dialogue with your staff will also make it more likely that they will approach you to discuss problems with their work-life balance.

Encourage holidays
It is vital that staff take adequate breaks to refuel so that they do not burn out at work. By encouraging staff to take their leave rather than just accumulating it, you promote a healthier lifestyle that will benefit your team and therefore you as an employer.

Be cautious with overtime
At certain times of year businesses heat up, and everyone needs to pitch in a little more than usual. However, if you notice an employee is working overtime over a prolonged period, this may be a warning sign for you to either hire more staff or assess that employee’s workload. Checking in and redistributing tasks may be key in keeping your team energised and efficient.

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