Securing the business’s presence online

Businesses are becoming more concerned with having an online presence; however they should also be concerned about the security issues that this can cause.

There is always a risk of malicious campaigns or viruses occurring online in an attempt to infiltrate business systems.

Even if the business is not directly active online, its employees most certainly are. This can prevent a risk if the employees are discussing the business online, or if they are accessing their social media accounts on the businesses computers.

The best way to approach the businesses security online is through a frequently reviewed set of procedures and policies. However, there are a number of ways to secure the business’s online presence:

  • Create a policy and procedures document on social media activity within the business. Ensure that all employees are familiar with it, and what they can and cannot do concerning their personal online presence.

  • Double check when opening a link from a social media page on business computers as hackers may create false pages to obtain a business’s log in details.

  • Ensure that the business has different emails for each social media platform. If hackers are able to get their hands on the email for one site, they are likely to attempt to hack different accounts.

  • Advise employees to choose their online friends wisely and that it is not wise to accept friend requests from people they do not know.

  • Hold regular workshops and seminars with employees and technical assistance to educate them on the latest security practices and what dangers they may be facing online.

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