The basics to developing a bulletproof social media strategy

Developing a strong social media strategy is important for growing and nurturing business profit. Consider the following:

Set goals
Before embarking on any social media marketing campaign, you need to be strategic and set goals. SMART goals are ideal, they cover the following:
– Specific
– Measurable
– Achievable
– Realistic
– Timely

Target audience
Understanding who your target audience is is necessary. You could waste thousands of dollars tailoring your campaign to reach a specific audience who, in reality, is never going to use your service or purchase your product. Alternatively, you could spend a lot of money marketing your business on platforms that your target audience don’t use.

Research and analysis
Doing your research and analysing what steps you need to take to make the campaign successful is important. Things to consider may include:
– Which platform/platforms to use
– What sort of content to post
– What time to post
– How often to post
– What is the competition doing
– How you can set your beside apart (and ahead) of the competition.

Once you have done all the hard working goal setting and researching, it’s time to implement. Ensure you have a schedule, either weekly or daily depending on the needs of your business. Delegate roles to your staff and make sure they understand and are accountable for each aspect of the campaign.

Reviewing what is and isn’t successful in relation to your campaign will allow you to move forward and make the most of your marketing strategy. It allows you to refine and reach more potential customers, thus increasing profit. Using a tool such as Google Analytics will help you do this.

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