Tips for becoming a better leader

Successful leaders have a lot in common. But one thing they all do is inspire vision through to their staff from their own behaviour and actions.

Great leaders also recognise the need for continual self-awareness, and they realise constant evaluation is necessary to improve as a leader.

Consider the following tips for becoming a better leader:

Emotional intelligence

Practising emotional intelligence is important in the workplace – it helps you deal with people more effectively and can have a positive impact on your interactions with your staff. Emotional intelligence can be demonstrated by listening, managing your own emotions in a healthy manner and expressing empathy when dealing with employee concerns.

Be a positive role model
The best way to teach your employees how to act is by leading by example. It may sound like a cliche, but it rings true for many small business owners. For example, if you want employees to exhibit a positive attitude, communicate effectively and be trustworthy, then you too must demonstrate this behaviour.

Involve your staff
Encourage staff to participate in brainstorming, idea generation and providing general feedback about the business. More often than not, staff have deep insight into ways the business can be improved, problems can be solved differently and suggestions to improve the overall business strategy. Also, by giving staff an opportunity to contribute, they are more likely to feel empowered and part of a team.

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