Tips for customer testimonials on your website

Testimonials on websites are a valuable marketing tool to engage potential customers with positive experiences from your present customer base. Guaranteeing customer satisfaction through testimonials will tip the decision-making process in your favour.

To maximise the effectiveness of this tool on your website consider the following tips.

Testimonials should be easily accessible and highly visible on your page. Creating a separate page for reviews and testimonials will put them at risk of not being seen due to customer’s short attention spans. Consider placing the testimonial next to your product or service or on your landing page to make sure customers see them.

Collect and collate
Collecting the maximum amount of customer reviews will give you the most extensive selection to choose from. The most impactful and relevant quotes should be selected to provide a short snapshot that the customer can glance at and be convinced. Consider asking all customers what they think or picking loyal or satisfied customers to gain the best results.

Select the specifics
Your testimonials should avoid being too general and broad. Instead, select and post reviews that highlight something specific about your business or service that maximised their customer satisfaction and made their experience enjoyable or productive.

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