Tips for job posting online

Employers who post their jobs online improve the efficiency of their recruitment process.

Here are some tips to get you started.

Post on different platforms
Give you job posting high visibility for job seekers and post on multiple online platforms.Post your job to your careers page on your website, LinkedIn and job boards like Jora and Seek. You may have to pay for certain job boards so research the site that suits your business’ needs before posting.

Write an engaging Job posting
To capture the attention of job seekers ensure your job posting meets the following criteria:

  • Lists job title, description, required experience and benefits.
  • Tells your business’ story so the applicant can get a feel for your company’s culture
  • Uses language that makes the position seem like a great opportunity
  • Provides instructions on how to apply and how your business will contact applicants
  • States remuneration expectations

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