Why you should start podcasting

Podcasting is becoming an increasingly popular way to connect with audiences on a more personal level.

The benefits are endless – podcasts are easily accessible, provide an engaging platform to discuss news and topics and can improve your credibility.

Here are three compelling reasons to start or feature on a podcast:

Reach new audiences
One of the great features of a podcast is the ability to reach new audiences. Whether you start your own podcast or are a podcast guest, you can connect with new audiences looking for information in your field. Additionally, podcasting can direct your listeners to your website, driving sales and web traffic.

Develop better connections
Podcasts are a great way to answer common questions you receive and address topics your audiences are keen to know more about. Podcasts allow you to engage with your listeners by creating a dialogue, i.e., asking for their feedback on your current podcasts and ideas for future podcasts. The nature of podcasting allows you to create a sustainable relationship with your followers as they can subscribe to your podcast for future episodes.

Builds your reputation
Podcasting is an excellent way to showcase your expertise or insight on a given topic or industry. Once you build trust with your audience, you will develop subscribers who may eventually turn into customers. The power of word of mouth is also important as your subscribers may recommend your podcast to their family and friends and so on. With popularity and experience, you may also find other podcasters reach out to you to feature on their podcast.

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