Why your staff may work better at home

Letting your employees work from home is a simple way to increase productivity levels and reduce expenditure within your business.

However, choosing the amount of time an employee can work from home will depend upon the business you run. Whether you give them the option to work from home permanently or even a couple of days a week, it can provide many advantages to your business.

Consider the benefits of working from home can offer you and your staff.

Happier employees
Employees who work from home are generally happier, more productive and feel a higher sense of job satisfaction than those slogging it out in the office each day.

They can work at times when they are at their most productive and achieve a more-balanced work and family lifestyle.

Cut down on office space
Allowing your employees to work from home also means you will either not have to pay for office space or at the very least, pay for smaller office space.

Fewer office supplies to buy
You will have fewer pens, notepads, etc., to purchase if your employees work from home all or some of the time.

Less commuting
Employees will spend less money and save time commuting to and from work if they have the option to work from home a couple of days a week.

More selection to hire
You can find and hire the most qualified candidate, no matter where they live.

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